San Diego Alverson Lava Flows

As I have been staying at the Carrizo Badlands Overlook, I have become increasingly intrigued by the area to my West and Southwest. As I continued looking at them, I became increasingly convinced that there was a lot of lava flow and related items throughout the area. Sure enough, with someĀ research, I confirmed that there was a lot of lava flow in the area, and I decided to go on some adventure into the lava flow today!

It is really an amazing area, geologically. The badlands to my East are notable in themselves, but the lava flow is truly spectacular. The flow is very old, and much of it has been reduced to dust along the ground. Nonetheless, the area is truly magnificent, and I had a wonderful time hiking around the area!

Unlike other flows I have seen, there is a lot more red, purple, and other colors in these rocks. I found that, itself, truly remarkable, along with the ways that the desert flows have carved through the flow. Although no trails go through the area, it is passable along the washes and hillsides.

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