To Washington! Mima Falls

I had enough of Oregon’s antics! Maybe I’ve only seen Oregon’s bad side or something, but it did not win me over. Newberry National Volcanic Monument was great, but didn’t really offset everything that I grew to dislike about Oregon. Maybe at some later date, I’ll give it another chance to win me over, but for now, I scoped out a wonderful spot in Washington’s Capital State Forest.

Besides an uneventful, but rainy, drive into Olympia, Washington, I’m already liking Washington already. Filling up my own gas tank was nice, but barely noteworthy. The last bit of Oregon, cutting through Mt Hood National Forest was pretty, but like so much of Oregon, everywhere I stopped in there was trashed and a mess. I would enjoy Oregon so much more if I had actually found a pristine nature spot besides one little, hidden spot in Newberry. Oh well.

After dropping into Big 5 Sporting Goods in Olympia to buy a Discover Pass, I made my way on to Mima Falls Campground. It’s a cute little campground, although a bit loud with the nearby rifle range. I’m only supposed to stay here for 10 days, so I’ll have to explore other options as I try to see everything I can.

Nonetheless, the Verizon LTE is good, and I’m happy to call it home for a while, as I figure out where to go next!

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