An Island in the Sky… With an Impact Crater!

Today, I decided to head out to visit the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands National Park. The canyons were all stunning, and as an added bonus, I went and hiked some of the trail around the impact crater, Upheaval Dome–formed during the Jurassic period (or sooner) by a large meteorite. Quite amazing! I took a lot of pictures all over the Island in the Sky district today, as follows!

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A Delicate Morning

Yesterday, I decided to wake up a bit before sunrise and head on out to Arches National Park. It was a beautiful morning exploring the southern half of the park before I decided to leave as the crowds began to grow ever thicker and more difficult to deal with. I finished the adventure at Delicate Arch (thus the title), enjoying much of the scenery along the hike there. Continue on for the pictures!

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Unplanned Beauty and Return to the Beast

Map with Driving Route highlighted through Washington, Idaho, and Utah
Map of the weekend’s adventure

As my allowed time at Rocky Lake came to an end uneventfully, I set off with plans to make it into Idaho for the next week. As the weekend unfolded, plans got changed quite drastically, and I found myself returning to Willow Springs, where I had quite the adventure back in June. However, it would take me getting through some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen to date before arriving at that final destination!

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Ending a Chapter and a Terrifying Start to a New Chapter

The time finally came to finish with the Cascades, and I planned a nice finish. I visited Mt Baker and then headed through North Cascades on my way east, out of the Cascades. A couple of last nights with those wonderful mountains, and I was off to new adventures. And sure enough, adventure would certainly be one way to describe how I kicked off these new adventures!

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Surprise from Olympic Peninsula

Yesterday, I took the day to travel through the Olympic Peninsula. It was a long drive, but I really fell in love when I got to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. I actually did a big loop, starting on the East side and driving all the way to the West side of the peninsula, even making a stop to look at the Pacific Ocean in one segment of the park. It was a long but wonderful day, with a great deal of beauty all over the peninsula. I was really surprised by all of the beauty that I saw, as I hadn’t really heard quite what was actually around the peninsula, but it was truly wonderful.

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A Shy New Friend Found: Mt Rainier

Today, I headed out to visit Mt Rainier National Park. I didn’t really know what to expect, but the park definitely exceeded any concepts of an expectation I had. I arrived initially at the Southwest side of the park, driving across the Southern side. Mt Rainier itself was hiding in the clouds throughout that drive,¬†only teasing a few glances on occasion. However, I enjoyed the scenery that was around, and found myself really loving the park. As I made my way to the Eastern side, to the Sunrise Visitor Center, I entered the snow upon the ground at the higher elevation, and Mt Rainier decided to come out. It was a wonderful day. I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

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