Boondocking near Borrego Springs

After stopping along the San Diego coast for Christmas week with the family, it is time to head back out to some boondocking for a bit. I’ve spent the majority of the last couple of months at one spot. I love that spot, but it was time to try something new, and maybe a little more social.

I looked up some other spots and decided to check some out around the Borrego Springs area. Going off of Rockhouse Road, there is a large clearing that was already full of campers. I ended up finding a more secluded corner of the clearing to set up myself and turned in for the night. With all of the other campers around, there’s bound to be some socializing if I stay around long enough and make my walk around, but I was looking for a comfortable spot, and this looks great.

I did wake up this morning to much colder than I have in the other spot, and it’s a bit harder to manage certain things like not having a toilet at such a social spot. Nonetheless, there’s at least one hike right in the area that I want to complete, and there’s certainly positives to the socializing either way!

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