Pine Creek Road Boondocking and Other News

While camping up on Big Black Mountain, I ended up running out of water and so had to head on down to refill my water jug. While already down the mountain, I then decided to head over towards the Mount Laguna area of Cleveland National Forest and check out some alternative boondocking locations there. I found a lovely area down Pine Creek Road, with a few good options available.

I’ve also settled on a change of future plans: instead of staying around San Diego, hiking, I will be headed out to larger adventures, traveling cross country again.

The cell reception down Pine Creek Road, here, is spotty at best, but in a couple of spots, with the booster on, I am able to get some LTE out of Verizon. Enough to complete my work, anyway.

Only one spot truly works to hang the hammock, and unfortunately, that’s not the same spot that has the best cell reception. Nonetheless, there’s some beautiful views and some great hiking available all over the area, so it’s quite a wonderful place to stay for a week.


In addition to finding this lovely area of boondocking, I recently came to a new decision.

I have been planning to hike 100 peaks around San Diego in 100 days, from March, into June. However, during recent hiking, I have noticed some knee injury that isn’t getting better to the point that I would be able to complete this feat. Thus, I have finally decided to admit that I will not be able to complete that.

Instead, I have decided to appease my growing wanderlust and desire to get out and explore on a larger scale again. Starting in mid to late March, I am going to head out. Where to? I’m not sure! I’ll probably go back to my ways of this last summer: plan 2-3 spots at a time, seeking out good campsites, primarily boondocking or mostly free.

It should be fun!

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