Noble Canyon: Hike and Camp

On Saturday, I decided to head to the southern end of the Noble Canyon National Recreation Trail. I ended up hiking about 6 miles up on the trail, before turning back for a total of 12 miles round trip. It was a lovely hike! Afterwards, I found a nearby campsite and set up my home with some beautiful views as well.

The hike was pretty simple. From the trailhead, I just headed north. A few creek crossings and some rough trail conditions made it an interesting hike, but absolutely worth it for the beauty of the views all over it.

IMG_3734My goal on the hike was to reach the point at which I had turned around the last weekend. I was hoping this wouldn’t be the 6 miles that it turned out to be, but alas, it is what it is. I did succeed in the journey, facing the disappointment that I was about one tenth of a mile from where some of the best views begin last weekend. Oh well!

IMG_3743Once that hike was complete, I headed north about a mile/mile-and-a-half to find a lovely camp spot. The views are great, and the cell service with both Verizon and T-Mobile is respectable. T-Mobile is a bit slow, but it works, allowing me to take some of the weight off of Verizon. A truly lovely spot!

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