Zion, Vegas, San Diego

On Thursday, June 25, I headed out of my camp spot in Cabin Hollow with plans to head to Las Vegas one night and then San Diego. I made the decision to drive through Zion National Park on my way to Vegas, which was absolutely amazing! It took a bit longer, but I hadn’t been through Zion before, so I enjoyed the drive, before meeting up with my parents in Vegas.

I only spent one night in Vegas, but took the opportunity to go gambling at Luxor and hang out with my parents for a bit before heading to San Diego.

In San Diego, things have been a bit busy. I started my time with a friend’s wedding, which was wonderful, but I have since been largely running around taking care of errands and things I didn’t accomplish prior to leaving for the first road trip of this whole new adventure lifestyle.

From going to my private mailbox to get my mail for the first time in a month (a necessary, albeit terrible task), to dentist appointments (another necessary but terrible task), I’ve had plenty to be getting done in San Diego! Some gear failures and coming to realize that some of my techniques of storage in my car need replacing. New tires on Tivona–I’ve opted for some good All Terrain tires, knowing I am spending a good amount of time on rough dirt roads.

While starting to get all of this done, I’ve been staying on my parents’ boat in the San Diego Bay area, but will soon be headed back out to the backcountry. To be honest, it didn’t take very long at all for me to begin craving the backcountry; the city just doesn’t inspire me nearly the same! Until I get back out there, I’ve left some pictures of the drive through Zion below.

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