And the Lava Flows

After my small adventure at Newberry National Volcanic Monument yesterday, I was ready for more in the beautiful area. This time, I went over to the Lava Cast Forest area of the monument.

This is a beautiful area, with a large lava flow covering the ground. A great deal of the lava had come over a forest, surrounding many trees. As the trees then rotted away, a lava cast was left in the lava flow, where the tree used to be.

All of those formations were really cool to look at, along with all of the lava flow itself, really. I had a great time hiking around, visiting this lava flow.

Once done, I returned again to the China Hat Road location I had spent a night at before. I attempted several spots around the Lava Cast Forest area of Deschutes National Forest, but I was not able to achieve a good spot around those roads–largely due to swarms of yellowjackets at a couple of the best spots I found. Oh well!

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