San Diego Sunrise and Badlands

Since my last update here, things went briefly downhill. I ended up leaving the wonderful boondocking spot I had in order to take care of some emergency issues. However, I was still determined to get back up there and get back out!

I wasn’t even at the Mt Laguna spot for long before I was forced to take off to take care of emergency issues in San Diego. The timing couldn’t have been better, as it would have sucked to come up with that in be in pain traveling in unfamiliar parts of the country! Nonetheless, it had to be dealt with, and another week was spent out of my “home”.

While I was gone, Mt Laguna got hit by some pretty good rain and even snow! It is starting to get chilly up in the mountains, even in San Diego! Nonetheless, I was determined to make my way back there for a couple of nights, to ride out the weather before dropping into the desert on the east.

IMG_2866I set up camp at Sunrise Trailhead, at slightly lower elevation than Mt Laguna itself. It’s a wonderful spot, with great Verizon LTE access. It’s not too private, as it’s just a big dirt parking lot, but who can complain about free camping with an amazing view?!

I only spent two very cold nights at Sunrise Trailhead before deciding it was time to leave. After waking up to my car and solar panels caked in frost the first night, and the second night only having the benefit of everything not already being soaked from the rains, I was ready to head to some warmth!

After working the better part of the day today, I ran into La Mesa for food and supplies, and then headed out to the desert. I arrived at the Carrizo Badlands Overlook area in time to catch a truly stunning view before sunset, and set up a much warmer camp!

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