8 Mile Road

Sometimes, a campsite just kinda sucks for me. It can be one that seems great, has great reviews, etc. For whatever reason, it just sucks for me. This was Government Wash for me this weekend.

Last night, an LEO came and told me that the spot I had setup in was apparently not acceptable for some reason. I didn’t understand why, to be honest, but I wasn’t going to argue, so I packed up and moved to whatever random, acceptable spot I could find as night set in. Only to then be woken at 2am by some asshole blasting music. Again.

So, I broke and gave up on it. Government Wash was just not working out for me at all. I had read that 8 Mile Road, just a couple of miles further East, was a good, more quiet and solitary alternative. After breakfast, I packed up and headed there, where I found some nice, quiet (so far!) spots to setup. The views aren’t quite as spectacular and there’s no toilets here, but if I can actually sleep through the night and not get complained at by law enforcement, among other possible improvements over Government Wash, I won’t complain!

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