Paradise Fishing Access Camp

After a long July 4th weekend, I woke up in Upper Teton View to try and work Tuesday. Unfortunately, that didn’t prove to work too well. I ended up heading back up Carbella Recreation Site that day, and then moved further North on Wednesday to Paradise Fishing Access site, operated by the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

As awesome as the Upper Teton View camp was, the bugs were just awful, with flies biting me constantly while I was trying to work. Additionally, the internet proved to be painfully slow, and the busy nature of the spot wasn’t very conducive. I decided my best option would be to head out. I decided to drive back through Grand Teton and Yellowstone one last time, before ending up at Carbella Recreation Site again.

After one night at Carbella, I had to run into Livingston for some supplies on Wednesday. Instead of driving all of the way back south to Carbella once again, I decided to try out the Paradise Fishing Access spot, which has just 3 campsites. It has been a significantly more quiet, relaxing spot, right on the Yellowstone River. It costs $12 per night, but it has been working out better than the other options lately, so I am accepting it!

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