Blacktail Mountain Boondocking

After my hike in Two Medicine, I stayed for a time at Cut Bank Campground again, before finally saying goodbye to the national parks for a while. I didn’t move too far, though! After Sunday night on the Middle Fork Flathead River again, I moved over to the Blacktail Mountain area for some quiet solitude and amazing views.

Blacktail Mountain is up a long, dirt road with remarkably spotty Verizon reception. I originally had GPS coordinates for a large gravel lot, but I decided to explore more, finding a spot further up the mountain with great views and better Verizon reception. There’s a whole bunch of communication towers nearby, but I don’t really mind that, myself.

The spot is remarkably small on the side of the dirt road in the area. There was already a fire pit here, making for a pretty nice spot, actually.

After setting up, I also noticed that I get amazing 4G LTE on TMobile here! It’s been quite a while since I had that!

There is some amazing views to the North and East from up here: from the mountain ranges all around to the Flathead Lake. It’s almost 15 miles on the dirt road to get here, but I’m not complaining for these views and great cell reception, for free!

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